Photo by Jennifer Flemings

Photo by Jennifer Flemings

Other books by Peter H. Reynolds include The Dot, Happy Dreamer, and I am Human - now a New York Time’s bestseller.

I’m am delighted to “connect the dots” with so many people who share a love of words!  As Jerome shares in my book The Word Collector, there are endless words to savor . . .  short and sweet words, two syllable treats, and multi-syllable words that sound like little songs. 

Words that connect, transform, and empower.

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The Word Collector For All


The nonprofit literacy organization Children’s Reading Connection is championing The Word Collector For All program to ensure that every young child has their very own copy of The Word Collector. 

Celebrating Word Champions

Word Collector Jerome Wonder

From collecting "juicy words" in an orange juice jug to encouraging kindergarteners to keep a word journal, educators across the country are putting the themes of The Word Collector in action.

Ready, Set, Collect! 


Looking for ways to share The Word Collector in your home, classroom, or community?  Visit The Word Collector Resource page for quick ideas on how to get started on your own collection.



"Kids will be inspired to "collect" interesting words that strike their own fancy. The book also carries the strong and clear message that words are powerful tools for expressing what we are "thinking, feeling, and dreaming."
- Common Sense Media