Calling all Word Collectors: What's Your Word?

Origami, happiness, and galoshes definitely make our top 10 favorite words list! Word Collectors come from all over, of all ages and backgrounds, but are brought together over one thing: our love of words! Words can connect us all through our power of communication and mutual understanding, whether it be through speech, text, or an entirely other form!

These Word Champions are gathering new words each and every day to add to their vocabularies. Here’s a few awesome words to add to your notebook!

What words did you collect today? Let us know on the Share Your Words tab, email us a picture of you holding your favorite word at, and Tweet us using #TheWordCollectors!

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The Word Collector For All Pre-Pilot in Ithaca, NY


The summer of 2018 was a busy one for Brigid Hubberman, President and CEO of Children’s Reading Connection, and The Word Collector super-fan. She recently wrapped up the pre-pilot of The Word Collector for All at the Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP) at Southside Community Center where every student received a copy of the book and participated in word collecting activities.  

Jamie Swinnerton, of Tompkins Weekly writes: 

"When Brigid Hubberman, the President and CEO of Children’s Reading Connection, found The Word Collector she knew she had discovered something special. Her nonprofit organization helps communities build cultures of literacy, and what better place to start than with words, the building blocks of language? The book is the centerpiece to the collective’s new initiative The Word Collector for All, and the pre-pilot program has already launched here in Ithaca."

Read more about the pre-pilot here