Word Collecting in the Community

Imagine an entire community of Word Collectors! Here’s a few ideas to spark the love of words in your own backyard.
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Community Word Art

Word Champion: Dr. Nia Nunn, Southside Community Center in Ithaca, NY

Fences around the community are perfect for sharing word collections with children and community members! With homemade paper, glitter pens, and fancy ribbon, Dr. Nia Nunn’s Community Unity Music Education Program summer camp counselors helped the children make their powerful words into word art.


Wearing Your Words

Word Champion: Dr. Nia Nunn, Southside Community Center, Ithaca, NY

All it takes is post-it notes to spark some exciting word collecting, and children wearing and sharing their favorite words. Children can take post-it notes with words they love off a “Word Wall” of empowering words, or they can write their own favorites on blank post its. From two to 20, children and grown-ups can wear any number of words for fun and fashion .


Words to Share from the Mayor’s Office

Word Champion: Mayor Svante Myrick, Ithaca, NY

When children and college students visit the city mayor’s office in Ithaca, NY, Mayor Svante Myrick is sure to share a copy of The Word Collector with then and tell all about his favorite pages of the book. Mayor Myrick is a dedicated reader who reminds us, “Food or books- children starve without either.”


Loving Words for Babies

Word Champion: Sue Brower at Cayuga BirthPlace, Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca, NY

Imagine if word collecting started early, and families knew that nourishing their babies right from the start with loving words would be as important as food!  To encourage families with new babies to start collecting loving words, RN Sue Brower creating a huge poster for families to see when they leave with their new babies, and made post-it notes available for families to begin identifying and collecting loving words they plan to say to their babies.