Word Collecting at the Library

Does your library rock? Here are a few ideas to get the young Word Collectors in your library excited for words.
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Rock my Word

Word Champion: Diane Pamel, Southworth Library in Dryden, NY

The summer reading theme of “Libraries Rock” inspired library director Diane Pamel to have children create word rocks that she then incorporated into the library landscape. A local quarry donated the rocks. Southworth Library kept the word rock station up throughout the summer so children could stop by to create their own.

Libraries can incorporate word gardens into their landscape or plant word rocks in the community for community members to happen upon.  


What’s your Favorite Word?

Word Champion: Dawn Conrad, Librarian at Oley Valley Elementary School Oley, PA

Librarian, Dawn Conrad, read The Word Collector during library classes then each student picked a favorite word to add to their collaborative whiteboard. They had quite the collection by the end of their cycle!


Collecting Loving Words

Word Champion: Tompkins County Public Library Youth Services in Ithaca, NY

Tompkins County Public Library is so excited about The Word Collector that they have a special display of the multiple copies of the book for families to check out, and string, clips and paper so families  can add their own favorite words. Tompkins County Public Library also has a special collection of children’s books featuring “loving words” to promote the idea.


Word Window

Word Champion: Brionne Roberts-Bray, Library Media Specialist at Riverview Elementary School in Wautoma, WI and Redgranite Elementary School in Redgranite, WI

Library media specialist, Brionne Roberts-Bray, had her first grade students at Riverview Elementary School in Wautoma, WI and Redgranite Elementary School in Redgranite, WI listen to The Word Collector in their library class. They spent the next week, listening, reading, and looking for a word to share which were then displayed for all to see.


Word Mobiles

Word Champion: Dawn Demings, Librarian at Purple Heart Elementary School in El Paso, TX

The Word Collector was the book of the month at Purple Heart Elementary School! After reading the book, librarian Dawn Demings encouraged students to go on a “word scavenger hunt” to discover new and exciting words at home! Once collected, the students wrote the words on pieces of colorful paper and strung them up to make these beautiful word-mobiles! The mobiles now hang in the school breezeway as a daily reminder to keep collecting!